Media & Advertising

Media & Advertising

The idea is yours, leave the rest up to us.

In a world where people spend more and more time outside of their homes, outdoor media is essential to cause impact. That is why Pailon fabricates and installs a wide variety of publicity formats, and provides consulting to agencies and advertisers that maximize results and select optimal locations.

Front light
Roadside Billboards
Top Sight and much more

How our panels are installed

Installation is done by skilled professionals using proper tools and equipment. Photographic quality artwork is delivered by printing on canvas and adhesive film. Panels are fabricated on galvanized sheets attached to robust metallic structures, primed with anti-corrosion coating. Everything is anchored on to treated eco-friendly eucalyptus that have 10-year durability. We use DNIT (Department of Transport) approved paint, effectively contributing to environmental preservation.